Internet Day in Mexico, Nothing to Celebrate. (Contingente Mx Press Release).

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PRESS RELEASE: ContingenteMx spanish version.


 May 17th, 2015. Mexico City.

Promoted by international organizations every May 17th, several countries celebrates  «The Internet Day». From civil society we say that, related to Mexico public policy on Internet, there is nothing to celebrate.

In 2013 different social organizations achieve a small victory with the inclusion of the word Internet in the Constitution via telecommunications reform.  The word internet and it concept was not originally included in the presidential initiative.

Despite that, the current Congress, has not ruled and will probably do, the first citizens’ initiative at the federal level delivered by our organizations on February 22, 2013, which proposed a constitutional reform and legislation to ensure «Free Internet for All».

Far from it, the legislature in the transitory articles of the 2014 telecomm reform, diluted the goverment obligations of guarantee the right…

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